Giardini Mon Plaisir – Charming B&B in Trapani

Winter Offer

Embrace Sicilian Tradition and Comfort

Discover a unique facet of Sicily in winter as Trapani unveils its authenticity and charm. Giardini MonPlaisir offers a delightful three-night stay, immersing you in comfort and captivating ambiance.
Indulge in the charm of the season with a special afternoon tea, featuring rich flavors of Sicilian delicacies.
Explore the magical winter streets of Trapani, escaping the hustle and bustle. Return to the warm and intimate embrace of Giardini MonPlaisir.
Our exclusive winter offer includes:
  • 3 nights in the Best Available Room
  • Savings of up to €200.00
  • Traditional English tea on arrival day in our lounge with Sicilian delicacies (value €36.00 per couple)
  • Local product tasting with a service reminiscent of times past
Experience this intimate winter retreat, where tradition embraces contemporary comfort, and make Giardini MonPlaisir the stage for your unforgettable Sicilian winter experience.


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